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About Me

I’m Brazilian, born in the state of São Paulo, raised in Brasília and currently living in Porto, Portugal.

Since I was a kid I had this curiosity about how things were made and what was behind the construction of things we use everyday. Later, I discovered this was design and that design was way beyond how things looked. In that moment, I’ve felt in love with design, changing my academic life from medical school to a bachelor degree in Game & Digital Design. After college, I partially concluded a tech degree in Web Systems Development and have done many courses in design, business and tech areas, getting in touch with front-end development and user interface design.

I’ve been working with graphic design since 2011, mostly creating brand identities. UI and Web had been my new ‘affair’ since 2013 and became in 2016 my preferred area to work.

But, after all, does any of this really matters?
See some of my works as they say more about me than my résumé.  


Alternativa – Massas sem GlútenCDL Jaraguá do Sul (Publico Digital)Consistem Sistemas (Publico Digital)Wirth Calçados (Publico Digital)BTA Aditivos (Publico Digital)D6 Empreendimentos (vivapixel)VipRoom (vivapixel)OneNation(vivapixel)Krieger Assessoria Contábel (vivapixel)Venturin Construtora (vivapixel)BNT Mercosul (vivapixel)Hotel Blumenhof (vivapixel)Bananas Laumar (vivapixel)Jusi Andrett Bridal AccessoriesBarcelos & Luz AdvocaciaBrucke AlimentosPerera Advocacia EmpresarialBerthier Advogados AssociadosFett Advogados AssociadosBlacklotus Produtora Voah ImagensRauen CakesSS BakeryImhotep – Espaço de LuzSul PrevidênciaVarela & Gressler AdvocaciaSPA Jardim das AraucáriasAPS ProduçõesBMW Coding BrasilEnglobaShopSucré Coeur – Usine de MacaronsCymaco EngenhariaGRID ArquiteturaCafé Del MundoDearman Law FirmEight & Co. Restaurant  

And many more...

Design is a funny word. Some people think design means how it looks. But of course, if you dig deeper, it’s really how it works.

– Steve Jobs

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